The philosophy of Green Acres Preschool is supported by a series of beliefs:

  • We believe that each child is unique.
    We realize that no two children are alike and each child is special with his/her own path of growth. Children are valued as individuals, as well as part of a group.
  • We believe in the importance of providing a safe, clean, healthy environment for the child that is oriented to him/her.
    We have arranged the classrooms to offer challenging play and learning opportunities at different developmental levels. Our center-based program allows the children choices to explore, to experience, and most importantly, to succeed.
  • We believe in a strong teaching staff.
    We believe that having degreed teachers in the classrooms provides the knowledge and experience to help create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and foster each child’s creativity and positive self-image. We support our teachers with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning experience for children.
  • We believe in positive discipline.
    We establish age-appropriate limits that are constructive in nature and intended to redirect children to appropriate behavior and resolve conflicts. Our goal is to help children gain a sense of independence and responsibility.
  • We believe that parents are the strongest influence in their child’s life.
    Our doors are always open to parents at all times. We strive to create mutual respect between parents and teachers, seeing this partnership as a benefit for the child.

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