Are you a man of any age who enjoys camaraderie in a warm, informal setting? The Green Acres Men’s Fellowship is the perfect place to find it!

Join us in the church Fellowship Hall at 8:00am on the first Saturday of each month.

After a relaxed, friendly breakfast–prepared by fellows from our own ranks–we enjoy taking in a short presentation from a hobbyist or professional from our local community. The topics they share with us are diverse: aeronautics, model trains, grocery store management, beekeeping…we are always up for learning something new.

We think of these meals as fellowship first, but our group also has a mind toward Christian service. Over a plate of pancakes is where our project planning often starts! Our activities have ranged from providing handyman services for disabled individuals to pitching in for youth mission fundraisers and putting together socials for our members in assisted living.

We invite you to the table for a hearty breakfast, an interesting topic, service opportunities, and a heaping plate full of good conversation!